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Ray Cunningham
Thank you so much for your wonderful help & advice throughout the whole process of picking our little African Grey “Sisqo”. He’s a wonderful little ball of feathers that has us in complete awe. We can’t wait to watch him grow & be a part of both mine & Damien’s life. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to purchase a African Grey that comes from you
Samantha Pemberton
Hi, I just want to say thank you so much for Louise, our African Grey parrot,he is the best. My children are so rapt as am I. He is amazing, its so wonderful for something so small to be so big in our family. I just want to say thanks for everything you have done for us with Louise. Keep up the good work its well worth it, thanks again.
Jason M
Good day I just wanted to say a big thank-you for being so patient with me and helping me choose the right bird to suite me. You guyz were extremely professional and I could tell you were definitely passionate about your birds. I’m very happy. I was am already taking photos to show my family and friends. I will definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to buy a parrot or parrot products! In fact, I’ve already sent the link to a few people I know who already have parrots
I wanted to express thanks to African Grey & Macaw Parrots how helpful it was finding our new family parrot he was named Romeo from the seller but we re-named him, Luke. I was a bit unsure of how this entire experience would be but I could not be happier. We found the seller to be quite friendly and returned my calls in a timely manner, and he has the parrots well kept in their home. I took my parrot for his first visit with our Veterinarian within 2 days from getting him, and he checked him out and he is a nice healthy, parasite-free bouncy soon to be 1 year 3 weeks old so far everything is good. We are so happy to have Luke in our home
We found our beautiful parrot on African Grey & Macaw Parrots. She was named Cindy, and we renamed her Shell. She was 10 months when we brought her home, and she has been a joy ever since. She is a sweetheart and extremely loving. I would recommend African Grey & Macaw Parrots to anyone looking for an African grey parrot We found our beautiful parrot on Parrot Suits Life Home
We recently got a gorgeous African Grey off African Grey & Macaw Parrots. He has definitely brightened things up with his beautiful nature. His name is Meek, and we look forward to the many years we shall have with him. Thank you African Grey & Macaw Parrots for raising him. And all those wonderful photos you sent us each week. We recommend. It's obvious they love what they do, and put a lot of effort and love into raising their birds. So if you are after that special pet, speak with African Grey & Macaw Parrots, we highly recommend her.
Sharon & Family
My family would like to thank you for sending us the most gorgeous baby Congo African Grey Parrot, who we have called Hooch. We have been overwhelmed by your service, both before purchasing & after, your knowledge & help is impeccable, & we couldn’t begin to find the true words of our gratitude & excitement. Even in just such a short time, we would highly recommend you to anyone, What we would like to say is that you are an absolute credit to the bird world, & your birds are an outstanding tribute to the love & care you spend with them, purchasing through you would make anyone come back over & over again. Thank you for fulfilling one of my dreams in every way
If you're looking for a feathered life companion, African Grey & Macaw Parrots is where you would wanna go to find one. They help you decide which particular species best suits your lifestyle, give you step by step care instructions, and let you have a part in the hand-raising process! Outstanding Parrots Home will work side by side with you to make sure you get the best experience possible. I chose a male Nick Eclectus parrot. I love my little Nick. He is amazing and so sweet!
I wanted to buy the best bird from the best organization I could find. My experience with African Grey & Macaw Parrots was way beyond my expectations. It is rare to find the care and commitment they demonstrate toward first their little charges but also their customers. I would highly recommend Outstanding Parrots Home to anyone serious about owning a parrot. Their online store is top-notch also. I was sent home with a very thorough information packet that was thoughtfully put together to help me care for my parrot properly.


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